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How to increase or boost facebook likes ?

Sol. Just follow below instruction and "Sign Up" to Likesapi and boost your likes.

1. Change fb follower setting, Set "Who Can Follow Me" to everybody/public. You must be 18+ if not then change your birthday at facebook.
2.Click Me and allow "htc" app by clicking 3x okay button.
3.Click Me and in the end, copy whole url/link from your browser address bar.
This whole url/link is your access_token.
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Or You can visit to our help page : http://www.likesapi.com/help

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Absolutely Free
You can use any of Likesapi service with no exchange of money. Except your internet bill.The Likesapi offers a free service, you can register and delete your account at any time. You do not need to pay to gain Likes, Comments or Shares!
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You can rest assured, no picture of disclosure or commentary on the program will be published. No need not take the trouble of deleting unwanted posts.
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The LikesApi frequently updated, always seeking to offer a better service, more stable and faster. We work firmly to optimize the system and bring new features!
Boosting Facebook likes
You can boost your facebook likes ( Facebook Post's, Facebook Photo's, Facebook Share's etc. )
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Likesapi is very simple to use and easy to understand. Due to it's simplicity it's very fast. Start your auto-liker within one click and close your browser. Our bot will keep everything running for you automatically.
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Any information you enter here is highly secure & safe.
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